Sunday, May 08, 2005

tasty bite of the day: cool grapes


Not so much a recipe as this is a great idea, delicious:days' post on cool grapes, or grapes that have been frozen and are to be eaten while cold and creamy, is a lovely reminder of one of my favorite summertime snacks, and her close-up photographs of these cool grapes are some very enticing visual aids.

I have never actually frozen the grapes in clusters, though from delicious:day's photographs, it is clear that this is the method she chose. I've always gone through the task of pulling the grapes off their stems first - only slightly laborious when executed with small clusters. When done with several pounds of grapes, however, this can get a tad old, and the next time I visit my mother's house in late summer, with her vines upon vines of green grapes, I'll make sure to try freezing some on the vine.

And if you're liking frozen grapes, might I recommend some other frozen fruits? I'm especially fond of frozen mango, though you'll want to cut it in slivers first, for it can be a bit hard to bite into. Some other favorites are pineapple chunks, wild blueberries, and just-barely-defrosted banana slices.


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