Wednesday, May 11, 2005

tasty bite of the day: mousse city


Well, today's post is all about mousse! I don't know how it happened, but lately mousse seems to be everywhere. First, there was the trip to Whole Foods when I was hungry (always a bad idea) and I stocked up on all kinds of goodies that I am ordinarily able to refrain from buying, including single-serving containers of raspberry and espresso mousse. As much as I hate wasteful packaging, my fondness for all things sweet and delicious in small and cleverly arranged portions tends to overwhelm any practical or environmental concerns. And not that I ever stick to just one adorable treat... somehow eating lots of pretty little things never seems like it amounts to more than just a wee bit of dessert. And what better excuse to try a lot of different things!

But that was just the first mousse encounter. Then there was chica's entry on she who eats : strawberry mousse with balsamic vinegar. And I was inspired. I would make my own mousse, only vegan, as I am new to the world of cooking and baking with dairy, not to mention eating it, and cream in particular has always been intimidating and a hindrance to digestion. Well, as I sometimes do, I went into full-on experimental mode, and one thing led to another, and... the mousse was a disaster. As it was such a painful experience for me, I will spare you the details so that you may go through your day unscathed.

However, some quick searching on the web and I realized that were millions of vegan mousse recipes out there, and should I decide to actually follow a recipe next time, I'm sure it will turn out to be quite delicious. In fact, I'm not the only blogger interested in vegan mousse. The bakerina recently posted a "no eggs" mousse pie recipe from the Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco that is made with silken tofu, just like mine was... only this one has a much more balanced list of ingredients, at least as far as the mousse goes. The recipe also includes a cashew crust, a raspberry sauce, and a maple almond praline. Sounds delicious, but I may go for a simple chocolate graham cracker crust instead (at least while PCC still has chocolate Go Go Grahams at half price!), and might pass on the praline... raspberry sauce, though, would be a sure winner.

Oh, and want yet another mousse post? Check out the accidental hedonist's post from the other day: frozen chocolate mousse.


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